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I doubled my overall energy and feeling of power, you were not kidding about the energy ball, I feel it. I'm not a skeptic anymore. Kurt W.
-Illinois -Ex Special Forces

"Bouncing back from the destructive effects Of Cancer!"*
As a former cancer patient, I am not one for "herbal" or "mystical" cures or remedies, I'm Very cynical. ChiSecrets had me on the VT program for 3 months straight. He had told me what would happen in the first 2 weeks, and it did. They said I may feel ill and have skin irritations, toxins would be pushed out of me from the flux of energy through my system. Also, they said I would feel energy run thru my body like never before. It did! I could go all day at work and come home and hit the gym. I was rejuvenated, full of energy, and also felt healthier. I am maintaining a cancer free body. Tony p.
- Actor

listen to this...

A week after I started applying these secrets, all the pain and swelling from the gout in my right foot  disappeared. It has not returned. All I can say is WOW, truly awesome, Thanks ChiSecrets. Mike B.
-Illinois- Electrician

Stimulating The Body's Internal Energy System
(Chi - Qi - Ki - BioEnergy - VitalEnergy - LifeForce)
Activate & Regulate Your Body's
" Internal
Open Blocked "ENERGY PATHWAYS" Starting Today
If You Are Interested In Learning Powerful Secrets of Charging The Body...
Then Spend 5 minutes reading the info presented here and you may begin to understand things about Bio-Energy and the body's energy system that may have a tremendous amount of value To You.
You have already taken the first step in understanding this unique knowledge just by reading this...
There is
an opportunity right in front of you to learn information that can improve
your Vital Energy & Health. The value of what you don't know is often great, these secrets can supercharge your energy system And... in some cases, the effects can be downright shocking...
So.. No matter what kind of shape or health your in, you may want to keep reading...

Internal Energy(Bio-Energy) training is mostly mental & physical, only requiring mental focus, proper training, and consistency. The only difference is that its focus, is the Chi or "Bio-energy" of the body.
This training has been utilized for thousands of years in China, & has existed since the begining of time as it is universal.
he study of Bio-Energetics, and the two opposing forces of
Yin & Yang(- & + ) in the body, is the focus of this training.
These secrets enhance internal Health, Energy & Power.

CSA presents UNIVERSAL, POWERFUL, EFFECTIVE way's of Charging The Body
 Including modern
methods & techniques that are Absolutely Ground Breaking!

These Secrets allow you to feel Body Energy more intensely as well as giving you the ability to build and store energy...turbo charging The Body and Un-Blocking Energy Channels.

Now, can you start to understand how this training could be important to people...


Your Body Is Like A Bio-Battery

Powerful energy fields can effect the hydrogen, oxygen and iron molecules in water.
Which Scientific Studies Show
techniques create powerful fluxes within the body
Charging Energy Centers, Invigorating Cells, and Stimulating Plasma in the Bone Marrow.

Strong energy(chi) can effect the blood's atomic and molecular electro-potential, helping to give your body renewed energy, strength, power to regenerate, and renew. When the molecules in body's become polarized and align with other components in the blood, Your body functions improve.

The charged molecules are then able to travel throughout the body more efficiently, thus allowing the blood cells nourished energy to more effectively support healing and recovery. In general, This works because of the electromagnetic nature of the body. These secrets create a strong energy flux within the body intensifying the positive effects of the energy around you..

Stimulating the Positive(+) & Negative(-) Energies within The body can Charge, heal, relax, relieve, refresh, and regenerate the body's "Vital Energy"!
This energy is vital to health and vitality, just as the air we breath is vital to our life.
The breath and the Chi are always connected, never seperate.
When this energy is enhanced and stored, it can improve
Health, Strength, and Power.
Scientific Photography Showing Weak & Strong Bio-Energy Fields

Did You Know Weak Bio-Energy Provides A Health Depreciating Enviorment

Yes, we can make our body's much more bio electrically conductive with Bio-energy secrets.
Chi, or bioelectricity can be generated within the body. Almost everyone knows that waving a magnet over a wire creates an electric current. This is exactly how all electric generators work. They simply spin powerful magnets around coils of copper wire, and you get an electric current.

Now, consider that when powerful energy fields are generated over the electro-conductive minerals in your blood veins and interconnected bio-energy system, wouldn't this obviously generate a mild bio electric current? "YES"!
The more yin(-) energy you can create in your body increases the amount of Yang(+) energy you can pull and can use...When the first astronauts returned from space, they were extremely sick and weak. It was determined that the lack of magnetism was the cause...We can actually generate a stronger than average magnetic field within our body by increasing our own natural bio-electric current.

The Secrets of enhancing bio-energy date back over 5000 years in ancient China. These ancient secrets are direct ways to Natural Healing, and
the ability to
SuperCharge the body's Internal Energy System.

Chi Cultivation can create powerful energy fields within the body helping to maintain youth,
health, vigor, and sometimes
powerful body's capable of amazing feats.

if you still doubt the power of CHI...Please spend a few minutes watching the video below...

The word CHI Literally translates to Vapor, Air or Vital Breath in Chinese, but it's true meaning is a deeper one of "vital energy" or "life force" The energy that flows through all living things. CHI has been the key understanding in China for Healing, Medical Applications, and Martial Arts for thousands of years. This is the "Bio-Energy" in the body which makes us "alive"...
Acupuncture and herbal medicine come from the Science of Chi Energetics. 

Your heart would not beat without this Bio-energy.


(Energy) CHIDAO (Way)
These Secrets can make the body
Powerful, Resilient, & healthy.

CHI ENERGY circulates throughout the body's bio energy system. This consists of 12 chi channels called meridians, and 8 additional vessels or sub-channels. Each pair of meridians consists of the "yin" and a "yang" channel. For example the Kidney and Bladder meridians are paired. The Kidneys are Yin organs and the Bladder is a Yang organ. All meridians must be full of chi and in balance for optimal health and function.

New research and technology can actually show Meridians(energy pathways) running through lymphatic tissue as shown below. By using fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles, scientist are able to detect these lines of energy which were not detectable before using older stereomicroscopes.

  Chi Meridians or (Energy Pathways)

E=mc2 Means We Are Energy

Einstein's famous equation E=mc2 tells you that everything in the
universe is only made out of energy, including you..

The best image to illustrate that we are mostly open, permeable space is found in something called a "particle chamber," which can be seen in children's science museums. A particle chamber is a big glass box filled with ammonia mist. The plaque on the chamber explains that there are cosmic particles falling through space, through the roof of the building, through your skull, your body, your shoes, and right into the earth as you sit here reading this. However, the particles are too small to be seen with your eyes. So the chamber's ammonia mist wraps layers of ammonia around the particles and shines bright flood lights on them, making them big enough to see. When you look inside the particle chamber, what you see is a blizzard of these particles. The same blizzard that is flowing through us all the time.
This reminds us that we are not solid impenetrable mass. We are mostly empty space, and our life force energy can flow through our skull and brain just as easily as it flows through the air around us. Magnetic fields outside us and inside us stabilize this energy. Energy flows through you every-moment that you are alive. Yet, its limited by "not understanding" the secrets of energy connection for unrestricted energy flow.

Studies show that improving Bio-energy is beneficial for people who suffer from: sore muscles, sleep disorders, depression, insomnia, arthritis, osteoarthritis, back pain, sports injury, chronic pain, allergies, headaches, stress, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, fibrositis and more...


"I had horrible migraine headaches half my life...After this training the migraines never returned". - Allen H., Rolling Meadows, Illinois.

Chi SECRETS can increase the amount of energy you can store and use everyday supercharging your body by connecting to natures unlimited supply of energy .

Did you know that over the last 4000 years, the earth has lost over 70% of its magnetic field, well it has, this decrease and the effects of working and living in concrete/steel structures further cuts us off from the Earth's yin(-) magnetic field. Everyday exposure to such factors as: computers, wi-fi, TV monitors, radio, radar, household appliances, electrical wiring in our homes and vehicles contribute to the diminishing of this energy our body's need so badly to regulate and restore our internal balance.

Healing & Slowing Aging Are Just Some Of The Positive Effects Of Chi Secrets

People already helped...

As a former cancer patient, I am not one for "herbal" or "mystical" cures or remedies. ChiSecrets had me on the VT program for 3 months straight. He had told me what would happen in the first 2 weeks, and it did. He said I may feel ill and have skin irritations. These would be toxins being pushed out of me by the flux of energy through my system. Also, they said I would feel energy run thru my body like never before. It did! I could go all day at work and come home and hit the gym. I was rejuvenated, full of energy, and also felt healthier. I am maintaining a cancer free body. Tony p.- Shaumberg, Illinois he had results within weeks!
"bouncing back from Cancers destructive effects!"*


Dear Friends,

There powerful insites & secrets in this program. What really surprised me was how easy it was to begin and apply. After only 1 session of practicing what I learned, I felt terrific and it lasted all week. It was like i had just drank from the fountain of youth or something. I was very impressed with the effects of these secrets.

I am just one of the lucky individuals who knows how to "Charge My Body" every day thanks to , So If you would like to learn, just sign up and practice these secrets, you'll be glad you did.


Carl P. - Stunt man (Feature Film & TV)


I doubled my energy in less than a week, you were not kidding about the energy ball, I feel it. I'm not a skeptic anymore. Kurt W.-Rosemont Illinois -Ex Special Forces

A week after I started applying these secrets, all the pain and swelling in my right foot from the gout I had over the last year, disappeared. It has not returned. All I can say is WOW, truly awesome, Thanks ChiSecrets Mike B.-Aurora Illinois- Electrician

Increasing Chi can also help maintain a non-acidic body

Did you know that if at times you find yourself hyperventilating, its could be because you have an acidosis(an acidic body). Your body is trying to remove carbon dioxide and carbonic acid "whats left from metabolizing food". As the amount of carbonic acid decreases, the pH increases. If your urine reads 7.0 or higher on the pH scale, your body is alkaline(a non-acid body). Below that indicates an acidic body condition in which viruses thrive and cancer grows.

 *Accelerating (Bio-Energy) Burn's Fat *

Converting Fat Into Power...Special combinations of Postures, Breathing, and Energetic's can accelerate metabolism...
Building energy is possible with the missing pieces to the energy puzzle

Just Like A Battery...
Your Bio-Energy
Depletes Over Time If Not Re-Charged...

For Over 5000 years Masters of CHI understood what new scientific studies are just starting to show..."Bone marrow stores Bio-Energy "...This understanding is the basis for all chinese (chi)Energy practices. Charging the Plasma in the bone marrow to improve Energy and Health!...

"CSA training can help you Start ReCharging Your Body In Less Than 20 minutes A Day" Its as simple as taking a shower (an energy shower that is)...

Start Charging Your Vital Energy Today!

Remember...These Secrets are only available here

This is your chance to start Restoring & Re-building your Internal Energy.

OK friends, These SECRETS are worth there weight in gold. I wouldn't take a million dollars to forget what I know. What you learn is yours for life. If you want to tap into the unlimited energy available to you and start feeling better, stronger, and healthier...


" Jump Start Your Energy"

Membership Includes...

"1 Year Access To Chi Secrets Members Only Website"
INCLUDING Video Instruction (Viewable immediately on Members Only website)

*"3 Key Secrets"  3 Key Secrets to activating your "Internal Energy"

*"Postures Secrets"  *Key postures for energy and strength in all directions.

*"Linking Energy Secrets"   *Enhancing linkages and togetherness within the body.

*"Chi Flow Secrets"  *Keys to Moving Energy thru out the body's energy matrix.

*"Energy Stimulation Secrets" *Powerful methods of Energy Stimulation.(secrets never presented anywhere else).


All of this access and training secrets for only $99.00
PLUS* Access to CSC Inner Circle Training & Exclusive seminars...

Just think of all the years and money you would have to spend just to get a clue of what we will show you from the start...Yeh, That's right! waisted time and money...Trust me, it can take many years and thousands of dollars just to learn a fraction of what we will expose to you right away...We believe people should have an opportunity to improve there health, strength, and power.


Sign up today, you will be glad you did... Invest in yourself to be able to experience the excitement that life has to offer when you are at the top of your energy & vitality.
Naturally and effectively increase your energy for living.

Whether you Sign Up right now, or decide to later, I want to wish you the best of luck in all you do. I know if you take action on this wonderful offer  you will be amazed with the effects as well as the results....

P.S. Just think, you can't go wrong because 2 out of every 3 visitors show interest in this program because of the immense value. Get your jump start bellow.

"Internal Power Can Be Yours"


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